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Willow Smith Is A High School Drop Out

Chelsea Handler Can’t Quit Bashing Angelina Jolie

I guess Jennifer Aniston’s gag order wasn’t very effective because Chelsea Handler just won’t stop badmouthing Angelina Jolie! I guess she figures if she’s already in this deep she might as well run with this.
“I’m not a fan. She just doesn’t come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you’d really want to avoid.”
I get that Chelsea’s job is to be funny and make fun of people but this is taking a little far, don’t you think?
I know that people seems to be divided on the subject — there are some who think that Chelsea needs to shut her mouth. But then there also seems to be a group of people who think that Chelsea is just saying out loud what many people already think.
Personally, I’m team Jennifer Aniston here. I wish Chelsea hadn’t dragged up the whole love triangle from the past! Can’t we all move on already? The Jennifer/Angelina/Brad thing was five years ago. FIVE YEARS.
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Willow Smith Is A High School Drop Out

 Willow Smith Is A High School Drop Out

Sort of…
Willow Smith is so busy touring that she doesn’t have time for school anymore. I’m sure things are only going to get worse now that she’s joining Justin Bieber on tour in Europe next year!

Will Smith’s mega celebrity daughter, said of her education,
“I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour, or with my father.
“There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.”

Willow talked about how she began in the music industry at an early age.
“I was four years old when I recorded a song with daddy and only said a couple of words, and I thought, ‘This is cool.’ It wasn’t supposed to be in the song but he wrote me something at the last minute. I would go with my mom on her tour and look at her and love what she did. I thought, ‘Maybe I should do that.’ So I did. I’m going to make songs to inspire people.”
I am torn. A part of me is glad that because of her celebrity parents she’ll have opportunities that most kids only dream of. On the other hand, we see what happens to child stars, and it’s not pretty. And elementary school and high school are fundamental life experiences that Willow is missing out on!

Do you think having Will and Jada as parents will keep Willow from becoming another crazy child star as she grows up?




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Willow Smith Is A High School Drop Out

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