Friday, December 3, 2010

Wesley Snipes Heads To Jail Next Week

 Wesley Snipes Heads To Jail Next Week

I still cannot believe this! Wesley Snipes could actually do serious time in jail for his crimes. The actor has a case against him for tax related crimes and he’s ordered to report to the Federal Correctional Institution McKeana, a medium security prison in Pennsylvania, next week.

Wesley is appealing the case on grounds that the jury was prejudiced against him, but the judge denied him the right to wait on bail while the appeal is heard.

Do you think he’ll end up serving his time, or will he end up getting let out after three minutes, like most celebrities? I have to say, tax fraud is a new monster so I’m not sure what the procedure is. We typically see the starlets heading to jail for DUI’s, not money related crimes!


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Wesley Snipes Heads To Jail Next Week

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