Friday, December 10, 2010

Teen Hacker “Sorry” For Stealing From Lady Gaga

Something tells me this won’t be adequate, but a German teen accused of hacking into Lady Gaga’s computer (along with Kelly Clarkson and other celebrities), stealing their music, and selling them online has written a letter of apology.
The 18-year-old says: “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done — I never thought it would go so far… we were only interested in the music.”
The teenager (the only name released is Deniz A.) was “intoxicated by the power of accessing celebrities’ personal data,” according to his attorney.
“My client felt like he was in a movie,” he said. “It is almost unbelievable that such a boy could hack into the accounts of superstars. He knows he made a mistake.”

This explanation might fly if the teen hadn’t SOLD the music online. The teen was working with a 23-year-old accomplice. It’s horrible to think of them essentially ruining their lives by being criminally prosecuted, but they were old enough to know better.



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Teen Hacker “Sorry” For Stealing From Lady Gaga

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