Friday, December 10, 2010

Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Want Many Friends

 Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Want Many Friends

Is it just me, or does Taylor Momsen sound like a very unhappy teenager? Not only does the (former?) ‘Gossip Girl’ star NOT want to be a role model (understandable), but she isn’t interested in having many friends, either.
“I don’t really have many friends. I never have. I was always a loner. I was in and out of school so much – so, I dunno, I’m really shy. Which is weird because you probably wouldn’t think that.

“I’ve got my six best friends, and three of them are on tour with me the whole time so that’s awesome. It’s not sad or anything for me. I like that.”
Well, six close friends isn’t too bad! I suspect she really needs some time to just hang out and be a teen.



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Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Want Many Friends

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