Friday, December 3, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Buys New NYC Home

 Sarah Jessica Parker Buys New NYC Home

Heidi Klum isn’t the only celebrity making huge real estate purchases these days! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are rumored to have dropped a cool $21 million dollars on a new NYC townhouse.

I feel like I’m going to miss the old one :) We see her doing the school run or leaving from there so often, it’s practically a part of my day to day life!

Here are some details on the new digs.
According to The New York Observer newspaper, the new home – the former residence of philanthropist Laurie Tisch – features a 32-foot long living room, eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and five “half” bathrooms.
In addition, there are two walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom of the property, which has seen its price drop by $3.5 million since August.
The location is in Central Park West. Sounds like a New Yorker’s dream home.


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Sarah Jessica Parker Buys New NYC Home

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