Friday, December 10, 2010

Nicole Richie’s Wedding Details

Nicole Richie’s Wedding Details
So much for trying to fool us on twitter: if Radar Online’s sources are accurate, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden will get married this weekend. Delivery trucks continue to come to Lionel Richie’s home, suggesting the wedding will be held there.

So what will the wedding be like?
“Nicole is going for a vintage and romantic vibe,” a source told exclusively. “The wedding will be true to Nicole’s style,” the source added.

Apparently, in order to get the right “feel,” Nicole had to cut back on the guest list.
“Nicole cut down the guest list because she didn’t want a huge wedding. She didn’t invite a bunch of her celeb friends,” the source revealed. “This has apparently upset a bunch of people.”
So I’m guessing that means no Paris Hilton?

Well, I’m sure it will be beautiful. And a wedding really is about the bride and groom, so while it may hurt some people’s feelings not to get an invite, hopefully they’ll understand.

But… I’ll believe it when there’s an official announcement or something- LOL.



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Nicole Richie’s Wedding Details

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