Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nicole Kidman Likes Unusual Pets

Nicole Kidman Likes Unusual Pets

Nicole Kidman was on Conan O’Brien to promote her new movie, Rabbit Hole, and revealed to the talk show host that she has some interesting ‘pets’ on her Nashville, Tennessee farm – Alpacas!
“We have alpacas on our farm because they’re so pretty. They have lovely long lashes. I think they’re really cool. I always wanted a mix of weird animals but that’s the weirdest we have.”
“You can walk them around on a leash and we have a two year old who loves them.”

Well I guess most kids would love an Alpaca as a pet! It sure beats the typical dog or cat that most kids get! And Nicole revealed that she wants to add more animals to her farm, namely snakes!
“I want to get some more weird animals eventually, I’d love to get snakes, I love them. They might not be a good idea around the baby though.”
Ugh, just typing the word ‘snakes’ gives me the creeps! I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting one as a pet! Hmmm, I would never peg Nicole Kidman for the kind of person who liked exotic animals!



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Nicole Kidman Likes Unusual Pets

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