Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michael Sheen Doesn’t Hit People Anymore

Michael Sheen Doesn’t Hit People Anymore

Well that’s a relief! Michael Sheen, who will appear in “Tron: Legacy” has said that having a child has calmed him down quite a bit! Sheen has an 11 year old daughter, Lily with ex-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale and told Seven magazine that becoming a father has calmed his temper.
“If I feel there is a situation where someone is being very badly behaved then I don’t hold back.
“However I think being a parent changes that. You can’t go flying off the handle all the time. You have to learn to be patient and tolerant. You can’t just walk away and you can’t just shout.”

“It’s about people accepting your flaws as much as you accepting theirs. I don’t hit anyone anymore, I haven’t hit anyone for a very long time.
“I’m better at picking up on situations earlier on and finding more economical ways of dealing with them before it gets messy.”
Sheen also starred in the last Twilight movie, Eclipse. I bet that made his daughter the most popular kid in school ever! Can you imagine being an 11 year old and your father gets to star in Twilight?!?! I wonder if he ever took her to the set?

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Michael Sheen Doesn’t Hit People Anymore

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