Friday, December 3, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Enjoying Visits From Samantha Ronson?

 Lindsay Lohan Enjoying Visits From Samantha Ronson?

According to E! News, things aren’t over between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. At the very least, they still seem to be friends: Samantha reportedly has been visiting Lindsay at the Betty Ford Center.
A source close to them both told E! News: “I’ve spotted Samantha there a few times, which is good. Lindsay seems to be in a really good head space.
“Not sure how to explain it, but she seems lighter, like a weight has been taken off. She’s come to terms with how bad things got and no longer wants that for her life.”
Lindsay is said to be making good progress at the facility and the friend added she is looking “amazing” and is working out every day.

If the paparazzi photos we’re seeing of Lindsay are any indication, it sounds like this friend is telling the truth!

However, we may not be getting as many paparazzi pics: TMZ reports that Lindsay has requested her attorney to look into getting a restraining order against the paparazzi. The actress reportedly thinks she’s being denied driving privileges because of all the photographers following her.


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Lindsay Lohan Enjoying Visits From Samantha Ronson?

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