Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Justin Bieber Cancels TV Appearance After Disastrous Stunt

Not everything is going well with Justin Bieber’s appearances in Europe. The singer had to cancel his appearance on a German TV show after someone attempting to jump over a moving car while wearing shoes with a suspension system was badly injured. Goodness!

Justin explained on twitter:
“Just want to let my people in Germany know I won’t be onWetten Dass tonight as an accident has taken place and we all don’t think it is right to continue,” the teen wrote Saturday.
“Please pray for Samuel Koch & his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety. I’m sorry we couldn’t perform tonight but some things are more important than putting on a show.”
I can completely understand that! The show can’t always go on. German media outlets report that while the injured man suffered numerous back injuries as well as other injuries, his condition is no longer life-threatening.



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Justin Bieber Cancels TV Appearance After Disastrous Stunt

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