Friday, December 3, 2010

Cheating Scandal Continues To Haunt David Beckham

 Cheating Scandal Continues To Haunt David Beckham

Oh boy! Remember when David Beckham got angry about some cheating allegations and SUED In Touch Magazine? Well, the magazine has decided to fight back and filed papers with the court claiming that they stand behind their allegations.

David Beckham has been having an affair with a “Los Angeles-based lingerie saleswoman and would secretly meet her at the Figueroa Hotel near Staples Center after LA Lakers basketball games” – or so they say.

Radar Online has obtained the court papers (somehow) and summed up some of its main points:
  • the worker showed off several text messages from Beckham
  • David was seen waiting in the lobby at the Sunset Towers Hotel one night “speaking anxiously on the phone” before leaving with a “pretty young blonde woman”.
  • * At least three sets of independent sources — including “an acquaintance of Beckham” — detailed his strange behavior at two different hotels, at which he “appeared to be spending time with women who were not his wife”.
  • * Beckham’s nanny saw “suggestive text messages” implying that he had an affair with Shery Shabani, the Beverly Hill mother whose children go to the same posh private school as Beckham’s three boys.
Yikes! Victoria Beckham might KNOW one of the women that David slept with? This is assuming of course that In Touch is right. It just can’t be -after all, David and Victoria are soul mates.
According to a friend, David Beckham isn’t worried about this new move.
“He is not backing down, he plans to go full throttle in this matter and this posturing, with no evidence and no facts, isn’t going to stall the inevitable.”
Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!


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Cheating Scandal Continues To Haunt David Beckham

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