Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Carey Mulligan Saved Keira Knightley From Retirement

 Carey Mulligan Saved Keira Knightley From Retirement

It’s hard to think of someone retiring at the age of 22, but that’s how old Keira Knightley was when she contemplated retiring from acting. Knightley spoke to British Vogue and said;
“I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing and I felt terribly guilty about that.
“I remember hating the idea that I was in a privileged position and couldn’t see the point of any of it.
“I had worked solidly since I was 16, till 22, and I had not been on holiday in all of that time.”

Fearing that she might have missed out on a ‘normal’ life, the now 25 year old actress thought about finding a new job, until the opportunity to work with Carey Mulligan on ‘Never Let Me Go’ presented itself;
“I didn’t know if I was going to go back to acting at all. I think for a long time I thought I wouldn’t. I think I intended not to work again.”
“Carey’s a very good friend of mine and I felt if I was to start making films again, she was someone who would watch my back.”
Well working from 16 years old to 22 years old without a vacation is a long time, but I think that she’s pretty fortunate with what she gets to do for work. Not sure if I would be complaining about it!



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Carey Mulligan Saved Keira Knightley From Retirement

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