Friday, November 26, 2010

The Skill Of Wearing Fashion Jewelry

The Skill Of Wearing Fashion Jewelry

Since ancient times, namely, that women’s jewelry diamond love thing. But how to wear jewelry there are a high-grade points, particularly in conjunction with its own shape features are more particular about.

Stumpy body obesity, fat, neck short-more noticeable. When wearing jewelry does not seek to weaken on both sides. To this end, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose dark colors, simple shapes. Black Pearl jewelry such as black Pearl necklace is the beat choice. However, the election should shape necklace pendant long and thin, large and diverse, these jewelry bright and attractive, easy to attract the attention of others, thus causing the wearer’s body less attention. Coral necklace is in bright red or blue color and it is attractive. If the wrong selection of the coarse and short necklace, it will make people think that the wearer of the King is more chunky neck.

Fat person’s arm and wrist necessarily cruder fat, bracelets, or Arms band should select broad and wide, and if wearing a thin and small, will be contrasting more bulky arms. Generally speaking, fat people’s hands and short fingers, flat, so the election should wear Narrow ring.

Lean body type that appeared thin, slender neck. Therefore, the principle of choice is a light jewelry ornaments on both sides of the central and honorable. To make a long neck and appears to be shorter, necklaces and pendants those who wish to select a small and simple, and should not be too long. Earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. are advised to choose Romania as gorgeous in this area. If both ears are wearing a size slightly larger swing pendant ring wearing thicker wrist bracelets like citrine bracelet would allow the ears, arms and hands, eyes and takes away people’s perception of the people, and not too lean.

Partial dwarf-type of this body of people to choose jewelry to the principle of soft g is to dilute the gas hard to add a sense of gentle. Slender simple necklace should select the best match with the elegant Pearl pendants, as earrings, rings shall be thickness properly, people think you are too thick squat, over-rules also do not commensurate with their thick fingers.

High-type of this body is characterized by a tall, able-bodied. This body of people in choosing jewelry with the lean-type similar to the should be the glory both sides, to play down the central. It should be noted that the necklace should rough and long, pendant shape should be large and rich, rings and earrings are inlaid jewelry should choose a mix of primary and secondary, this would be more dignified and generous.



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The Skill Of Wearing Fashion Jewelry

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