Saturday, November 6, 2010

Portia de Rossi Talks About Anorexia

Portia de Rossi Talks About Anorexia | beauty body image | Portia de Rossi eating disorder

 Portia de Rossi Talks About Anorexia

Portia de Rossi wants to share a piece of advice:
“A lot of people don’t say anything at all because they are worried that that person is just going to completely shut them out of their lives and that actually may happen.
“But it is really important to say something. And the thing that you should say… the thing that I would have responded to was, ‘You look sick. You don’t look well. You look like you’re suffering’ – because the anorexic wants to be admired.
“Dieting is really hard and, to get down to that weight, you want people to admire you… ‘You’re too thin’ to me was more of a compliment. Who can be too thin? There is a joke about it. You can’t ever be too thin. So that just felt like a compliment.
“Anything that would suggest that a girl is not as in control as she wants to appear to be is a better thing. Because an anorexic wants control more than anything.”
… says Portia in a filmed interview.

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Portia de Rossi Talks About Anorexia

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