Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kardashian Sisters: MasterCard Cuties

 Kardashian Sisters: MasterCard Cuties

Teaming up for promotional obligations, the Kardashian ladies were busy launching their prepaid MasterCard in New York City on Tuesday night (November 9).

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all looked fabulous as they made their grand entrance at Pacha to boost interest in their latest business endeavor.

Tweeting about the prepaid Kardashian card, Kim wrote to her many followers: "Thx 4 coming out 2 support our Kardashian MasterKard! Let's go shopping!"

Previously explaining what to expect for those opting to try out their offering, Miss Kardashian said, “It’s like having at ATM in your phone. No one likes going to banks and ATMs, and we’re constantly on our phones – why not make it easy to manage your money from your mobile?”

Enjoy the pictures of the Kardashian sisters launching their MasterCard (November 9).


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Kardashian Sisters: MasterCard Cuties

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