Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day

Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day | beauty body image | workout quote beauty image

 Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day
On working out: “I work out all the time… Cardio, resistance and a lot of jogging. I love to go hiking. I’m bringing my trainer on tour. I said I’m going to invest this in myself, into my self-worth, into my self-esteem.”
On women with low self-esteem: “It’s become actually the norm, I feel. And it’s really sad. The thing that I can say is, you’re not alone. [And if] you start making the right choices for yourself, all of a sudden you start feeling better and better. You’d be surprised how addicting high self-esteem is.”
When asked about her “sobriety” in the context of her crystal meth addiction: “Well, I’m not claiming to be sober. I think that that would be misleading. I drink alcohol. My father has a vineyard, and [the wine is] really delicious, by the way. Anyway, for most addicts, they would advise never to have any sort of substance. I just have my own journey, and I am very blessed to this day to be alive.”
… says Fergie in Glamour Magazine.

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Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day

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