Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki has been dating

matsuyama Kenichi

Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki have been rumoured together since collaborating on the film Kamui last year. While the two never admitted to the rumours at first, earlier in the week both parties finally acknowledged the relationship while attending separate functions. It seems their relationship has reached a new level. The latest issue of Japanese magazine Josei Seven reports that Matsuyama has moved in with Koyuki and her family. It seems like her family has already accepted Matsuyama as their son-in-law. Apparently Koyuki began renovating her house last fall to prepare for Matsuyama.

However, when the magazine interviewed Matsuyama's mother, she said she was unaware of the move. But a close source to the couple said that it's only because Matsuyama has not informed his mother yet.

Matsuyama Kenichi Moves In with Koyuki
Source: Mingpao
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Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki has been dating

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