Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crackdown in Geylang

First, something about the eyes. In the previous post I said that the prostitute was not so attractive because her eyes were a bit too close to each other. Here is an example.

See the three pictures below. They are of the same woman but the distance between the eyes is different in each case - narrow, normal, wide. Which one you find least attractive?

The Geylang crackdown ...

If you live in Singapore, probably you know of the big crackdown in Geylang last week. If you do not know or if you live elsewhere, below is the news for you. As I said before, I think the authorities want to clean up Geylang before the casinos at the IRs start business.

It is not just about illegal prostitution. With the streetwalkers, there are crowds and this attracts other illegal activities. Then criminal elements get involved. If the situation is not controlled, things will get worse and it is bad for our tourism. I think there will be more spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year.

Foreigners who are involved in criminal or illegal activities should be punished, kicked out and barred from entering our Country again..

Here are some of the illegal activities in Geylang. The pictures were taken in the past months.

gambling .....

peddling contraband cigarettes .....

peddling controlled drugs .....

peddling risky sex in the backlanes ... some pimps claimed that their prostitutes allowed you to fuck them without condoms. Got free gifts somemore - sex diseases and HIV (the virus which causes AIDS).

The pictures below were taken about a week before the crackdown.

prostitutes at Lorong 21 .....

a drunken man .....

At Lorong 14, there were a few prostitutes in skimpy provocative dressings and they were very bold too, waylaying the men and tugging at their arms. But their faces are not attractive.

Nowadays the streetwalkers are few and of low quality. The younger ones charge $80 excluding hotel room charges. It is better to go for the registered China prostitutes at the authorized brothels. There are many $80 prostitutes who are young, fair and sexy. Their service is better than the streetwalkers any time.


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Crackdown in Geylang

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