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Ayase Haruka as best actress in Blue Ribbon Awards

Ayase Haruka

Organized by the Association of Tokyo Film Journalists, the 52nd Blue Ribbon Awards will be presented next month on the 16th. However, the winners were announced yesterday. The most surprising win was for the Best Actress Award, which was awarded to Ayase Haruka for her role in Oppai Valley. She beat out the favourites including Matsu Takako and Bae Doona, taking her first Best Actress Award of the year. Dear Doctor won the award for Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, becoming the biggest winner at the awards.

Ayase faced stiff competition in the Best Actress category. Aside from Matsu Takako and Bae Doona, there was also Miyazaki Aoi for her role in The Shonen Merikensack and Hirosue Ryoko in Zero Focus. She was clearly surprised by her win, saying: "When the film company first asked me to appear in 'Oppai Valley', I was not thrilled with the name and even asked them to change it. However, now that I've won an award, it doesn't sound so bad afterall."

This is the fourth time Shofukutei Tsurube has been awarded the Best Actor Award for his role in Dear Doctor. He previously won the award at the Kinema Junpo Awards, the Nikkan Sports Film Awards, and the Tokyo Sports Film Awards. The movie itself received a total of five nominations. Aside from winning the Best Actor Award, it also won Best Director and Best Supporting Actor for Nishikawa Miwa and Eita respectively. As for the film Shizumanu Taiyo, starring Watanabe Ken and Miura Tomokazu, it also had five nominations going into the awards, but came out empty handed. The Best Supporting Actress Award went to Fukada Kyoko for her role in Yatterman. The award follows her win at the Tokyo Sports Film Awards in the same category.

Currently one of the most popular rising stars, Okada Masaki won the Best Newcomer Award for his movies Juryoku Pierrot and Honokaa Boy. He was originally suppose to enter his second year of university, however he revealed that he withdrew from school towards the end of last year. He said: "Should I pick my studies or my work? I really questioned myself for a long time. While I know there will be lots of people going against my decision, I've finally decided to place my work first." The Best Film Award went to 70 old year director Kimura Daisaku's Tsurugidake Ten no ki. Kimura also won the award for Best New Director. He laughed, saying "At 70 am I still considered a newcomer?"

Ayase Haruka Comes From Behind to Take the Best Actress Award
Japan's Blue Ribbon Awards Favours Oppai Valley
Source: Mingpao
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Ayase Haruka as best actress in Blue Ribbon Awards

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