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Agnieszka Radwanska Interview : No time for Love

Agnieszka+Radwanska in 2009 Medibank International: Day 4
Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland plays a backhand during her quarter final match against Elena Dementieva of Russia during day four of the 2009 Medibank International at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre on January 14, 2009 in Sydney,

Agnieszka Radwanska

Agnieszka Radwanska is becoming more popular each day that goes by and here is another interesting interview with the Polish tennis star from Gala Magazine.

Radwanska enter this season into the top 10 elite and wants to stay there for a long time. She is very nice going girl, down to earth and knows what she wants.
She is also very hard working and even she was won more that $1.5 million in tournament prices she considers herself a normal girl who likes to spend money on cloth but also invests for her future.

Thanks to martin2910 and Malva from WTA World, we can share with you another entertaining interview with Agnieszka and a couple of photos.... continue reading to find out more about her...

Gala: You are young, beautiful, talented, and rich. You can have everything what you could only desire. Millions haven't spoilt you?

AR: I feel like a normal girl. That's right, there is a satisfaction that I have my own money, I can go to a shop and buy myself even something expensive. Certainly, this is my own money, but I don't squander it, I treat it with respect. When making bigger investments I ask my parents for advice. Our investments are joint enterprises. I hope that in a year the amount in my bank account will double.

Gala: What do you invest in?

AR: I've bought for example a big apartment in the centre of Kraków.

Gala: I heard that you spend a fortune on clothes?

Agnieszka Radwanska
AR: Oh, yes! I spend a lot on fads. Not a fortune, perhaps, but I like shopping, and brand names. I take the labels, the quality, but also the price into consideration. My favourite stores: Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein...

Gala: Have you got a little black dress in your wardrobe?

AR: Sure, not just one, but rarely do I wear high-heels with it. My tired legs must rest. I prefer a smart sporty style.

Gala: Do you have time for shopping at all?

AR: When you lose the first match in a tournament, then already next day there is time for shopping or for sightseeing. Unfortunately, every year tournaments are in the same places. And once I visit a town, I don't return there. Once is enough. When you visited all the world, you want to return home as quickly as possible.

Gala: I wonder how did you manage to finish school?

AR: During the last two years in lycée , (the most prestigious type of high school) I had an individual study program, I passed Matura exams (the graduation exams in a lycée) last year.

Gala: Was it difficult?

Agnieszka Radwanska
AR: A monstrous effort. I had to study long into the night, and to get up even at 5 am. One training before the lessons, afterwards the school, and then I slept for about 5 hours to be able to study in the evenings. It was hard for me, I was irritated because I played as much as I always had, and I had 90% absence at school. I don't know how but nevertheless I passed the Matura exam. I was supposed to pass them this year, but I was sent to school one year sooner as a 6-year girl when we had returned with parents from Germany in 1995. My sister also has an individual study program and she will be passing her Matura exam next year. In professional tennis those who pass Matura exams can be counted on fingers of one palm, most are satisfied with a trade school (the lowest grade type of high school) or a gymnasium (a type of junior high school).

Gala: Robert Kubica (a top Formula 1 driver) gave up on school. You - didn't. Congratulations. Now you have more time for trainings.

AR: Yes, I have three trainings a day, two tennis ones and the third one is general: jogging, swimming, gym, aerobics.

Gala: Looking at the body shape of your father who is also your coach, you wouldn't say he jogs with you.

AR: No, surely not. I jog with another coach, Dad only trains tennis. Additionally, I've been busy not long ago preparing for a driving test.

Gala: The first attempt at getting the driver's license was unsuccessful.

AR: I failed the theory part, before I even could sit behind the wheel. I was doing a commercial all day and I couldn't predict that it would take so long, all day. I didn't prepare for the test. I just thought: I will give it a try. And I failed.

Gala: Tell us truthfully, what do you think about your father: a coach, a boss, a hangman, an animal trainer, a torturer? He puts you through a wringer on the court.

AR: An animal trainer... (laughing). No, I'm joking. I think about him as a dad-coach. Well, formerly the parents decided about everything, we didn't have a lot to say as children but now it's changed a bit. Everyone has his opinion, we look for compromise. It is not so, that someone is a tamer and rules. I turned 18 on March 6, 2007. I am adult. I decide about many things myself. About everything, in fact.

Gala: More a coach than a father, or more a father than coach?

AR: Hard to say. All my life he has been more of a coach. Since the very beginning, the first tour, the first tournament, at every stage.

Gala: Has he never been too strict for you?

AR: Sometimes he was harsh. But this is professional sport. Something for something. I remember when I was winning all the tournaments in Poland for 10 year old, and afterwards, then for 14 year old, I was enjoying mainly the rewards. I very much enjoyed the cups.

Gala: Surely they occupy a lot of space in your maiden room?

AR: Together with my sister's -- nearly 300 of them, plus medals, and diplomas. They take up all the wall. They are beautiful!

Gala: Aren't you eager to put them in order, to throw away some of them?

AR: No, never. In the living-room on we have a glass wall back-lighted lightened by halogen bulbs. When you turn on the light, the cups looks divinely.

Gala: Who does find energy to dust them all?

AR: I arrange all of them, all three hundred. Our cleaning maid takes care of them.

Gala: How many years has this tennis drudgery been going on?

AR: Fourteen. I don't remember my first time on the court. I only remember that first we played with baloons, next with sponge balls. But I don't remember the first day.

Gala: Did anyone ask you in the beginning whether you wanted to spend so much time on the court?

Agnieszka RadwanskaAR: There were no such questions, because when you are a child, your parents decide about everything, in fact.

Gala: I know children who were throwing their rackets against the court, their violins against the floor, who were going away from the piano, who were leaving their parents with their parents' ideas.

AR: What would have I achieved if I throwed the racket against the court?

Gala: You could have been playing with dolls with peers...

AR: ...and smoke cigarettes in the street. No, thank you. My Dad was deciding about everything in the beginning, but the first years for me were just like having fun, a hobby. Now, it is a job.

Gala: When has it become a job?

AR: Since I have begun earning money. Three years ago.

Gala: So you passed the usual for teenagers period of revolt slaving on the courts of the world?

AR: I've been always revolting! I always have my own opinion, I always argue, when I don't like something. In airports, offices, and hotels, always I alone argue. And there are always lots of problems. I argue for everything! For disappearing reservations, for the lost luggage. But I don't sulk. I don't have to have a red carpet.

Gala: You don't behave like a star yet?

AR: Absolutely not! I just fight when I have to. Once we arrive with my sister to a hotel and there we get a bridal double bed, while I remember well that I booked a room with two single beds on the internet. So why does it have to be so?

Gala: I understand you, a tennis player must sleep well.

AR: I asked for another room, a lady in the reception sad "No". After a conversation she changed the room, of course. On the cour,t I am also able to get int argument if the umpire cheating. I won't tolerate it.

Gala: Do you remember John McEnroe who was arguing incessantly with umpires in the biggest tournaments and lost good reputation because of that. They considered him to be a spitfire.

AR: I get involved in fighting only when seeing flagrant injustice.

Gala: Your dad-coach's name is Robert, but here, on the court, everybody addresses him Piotr. What's the reason?

AR: Piotr is Dad's middle name. They also call my mother Kasia, who is officialy known as Marta. Kasia is her middle name as well. I don't know why my parents use their middle names instead of their first. I am Agnieszka Roma because we have lived for seven years in Germany, when my Dad worked and Roma was a popular name there.

Gala: Does your mom take part in the development of your career?

AR: She doesn't come from a family with sport traditions like Dad's family. Mom arranges the paper work: travel tickets, hotels, payments. Sometimes, I help her with arrangements conducted in English.

Gala: In what respect do you resemble her?

AR: I resemble rather my Dad, and Ula my Mom. Mom is caring and soothing. If it ever happened that there was something between us and Dad, she was able to bring back quiet, say something calming and motivating at the same time.

Gala: Your grandpa on the father's side was once a pretty good ice-hockey player, and later a sports teacher.

AR: ... still teaching! Our grandparents are proud of us, together with Grandma, they collect every newspaper cutting, file binders swell. Each succes of mine and Ula's enormously delights them. Grandpa also plays tennis.

Gala: All the time travelling, so you rather infrequently see each other.

AR:The tennis season lasts from January to October. During this period we rarely see each other.

Gala: Admit it honestly. It is the middle of Summer. Don't you want October come?

AR: During the last tournaments of the Autumn we all talk only about returning home. Well, every one wants to win, every one gives her 100%, and despite all of this, every one wants to return home.

Gala: What do you dream about then?

AR: About some quiet and about nobody wanting anything from me. Just to have some peace of mind. After two months abroad, I barely remember the look of my bedroom.

Gala: When have you been recently to cinema, theatre, concert?

AR: Three days ago, "Sex and the City". Very nice, recommended. And during the last Wimbledon, after the matches, organizers took as to the theatre to see the musical "Dirty Dancing". Lasted three hours. Super. When traveling I listen to the music a lot. Pop, Rock, R & B. During the tournament in Turkey there was a Kylie Minogue concert that started at 10 PM, and I was to play a match at 10 am the next day. No chance.

Gala: Did you win?

AR: And the whole tournament.

Gala: So it was worth not taking part in the concert. Do you have time for a boyfriend?

AR: I don't have anybody. My career I out first, I don't think about anything else. I am at the beginning of the road, and I must concertrate on the sport first of all.

Gala: Who is the hunk you train with?

AR: My colleague, Sebastian Rutka. When my sister is absent, he plays with me. He gets on very well.

Gala: Your worst tournament?

AR: There are such matches, that you waste a kilogram during a day. When there is a 40 degree Celsius heat and 100% of humidity, when a man baths in sweat after walking a few metres. The worst tournament was in Pattaya City, a beautiful spa resort in Thailand. Girls were fainting on the court. After a finished match I went into a swimming pool fully dressed and I stayed in it for 10 minutes to recover. I can't imagine how people are able to live there.

In Australia, on the other hand, where matches are suspended when temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, I was to play my second match at 11 am. I was waiting, because before me men played a 5 set match. They were vomitting on the court, one and then the other. Guys! A horror. After such matches, you sit in the changing room with ice to recall your own name.

Gala: Graf, Hingis, Sharapova, Williams sisters. Do you have any idols?

AR: In the past I admired them, but since I have been meeting them in changing rooms every week, it haschanged. They are just my colleagues, familiar faces.

Gala: And Kournikova? Paris Hilton of tennis? What do you think about her?

AR: To say the truth, she was never somebody to reckon with in professional sport, she didn't win a tournament, she wasn't at the top.

Gala: The Olympic Games are soon. What do you want win in Beijing?

AR: I'll play singles, and doubles with Marta Domachowska. We are close friends with Marta although we sometimes play against each other.

Gala: How long will you play professional tennis?

AR: I don't know. Brilliant Justine Hénin retired at the age of 24 in spite of her numerous successes. But some 36 year-old tennis players are still playing. I hope that after the end of my career I will have to do nothing.

Gala: Nothing? It will be boring.

AR: No, after so many years of playing tennis it will do me good. I hope I provide for myself playing tennis. But I don't know what will happen in 5 to 10 years. Injury is something that now I fear most. I am certainly going to play tennis for some years to come, to stay at the top and to increase my collection of the cups a bit.

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