Thursday, January 7, 2010

SMAP Takuya Kimura film "Space Battleship Yamato"

SMAP Kimura Takuya

The first TV spot has been released for Takashi Yamazaki‘s live-action adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato, nearly a year before it’s scheduled to be released in Japan. The project cost an estimated 2 billion yen (about $20 million USD) and will be the first of the franchise to use the English title domestically in an effort to appeal to international audiences as early as possible.

The film stars Takuya Kimura of the boy band SMAP as Susumu Kodai and Meisa Kuroki as Yuki Mori. According to Tokyograph, formerly male crew members Aihara and Dr. Sado are played by actresses Maiko and Reiko Takashima in this version.

“Space Battleship Yamato” will be released by Toho in December 2010.


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SMAP Takuya Kimura film "Space Battleship Yamato"

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