Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yuu pre marriage in Hawaii

Oguri Shun

Actor Oguri Shun and model Yamada Yuu, who have been in a relationship for quite a while now have left for a pre-marriage journey to Hawaii during the night of January 4th. 15 Minutes before their scheduled flight at 9.45 in the evening, Yamada had been seen passing through the boarding gates. Hiding behind dark sun glasses it was the gleaming ring shining on her left ring finger. When being asked, what their plans had been for Hawaii, either of the two hardly answered and just commented laughing "We'd just like to enjoy our time there."

Five minutes later, Oguri had also been spotted. During interviews he usually only looked down and said "We just want to relax a little. After all it is a journey with our family". Hence, Oguri's family could also be seen around the two at that time.

As for the questions, if they were to marry this year Oguri said "That's not our plan." Despite the clear negation, the two of them wear the golden necklaces, representing the bond between them. According to friends and people around them, however, both of them would like to marry quickly, therefore a sudden arrangement might be possible.



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Oguri Shun and Yamada Yuu pre marriage in Hawaii

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