Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meisa Kuroki new mini album Attitude

Meisa Kuroki

TOKYO — Actress Meisa Kuroki, 21, who released her new mini-album, “ATTITUDE,” on Jan 1, says she wants to do live concerts this year, as the sexy young actress continues her foray into singing.

Last April, Kuroki released her first album, titled “hellcat,” featuring a song called “Bad Girl.” The video for the song indicated she is just that, and sees her

rolling around in bed in red lingerie. One of the songs on her new album - “Are ya Ready?” - is a damning indictment of conformity that sees Kuroki bounce about in a mirror-walled cube, appealing for people to express themselves and not fear the consequences.

Kuroki, whose father was Panamanian, said she used to dance to Janet Jackson’s music when she was growing up in Okinawa. She also said she hopes to produce music with dancing at its core, and is looking forward to people’s reaction.

Japan Today


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Meisa Kuroki new mini album Attitude

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