Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mediterranean Home Style Christina Ricci For Sale

Mediterranean Home Christina Ricci home for sale!It's a 2,428 sq. ft. mediterranean home on a sought-after street in The Oaks/Hollywood Hills. It has three bedrooms, three baths, and a pool . She's asking $1,549,000.
Ricci+Living+Room.jpg ChristinaRicci+Living+Room+library.jpg
Like its owner,Christina Ricci home has quirky charms like white-washed exposed beams on the vaulted ceilings, randomly-placed stairways, and this open-yet-cozy living room with built-in bookshelves.
ChristinaRicci+dinning+Room.jpg ChristinaRicci+Living+kitchen.jpg
The dining room and kitchen above are also fabulous!even the master bedroom, which opens to the patio and pool, is charming! Likewise for the smaller guest bedrooms like these picture.

ChristinaRicci+bedroom2.jpg ChristinaRicci+bedRoom+3.jpg ChristinaRicci+bedroom2.jpg
this Mediterranean Style Christina Ricci house isn't all that big and has a fairly neutral color-scheme. Yet it has loads of style architecturally and interior design.otherwise,thats to expensive price for me.


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Mediterranean Home Style Christina Ricci For Sale

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