Friday, January 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian Condominium in West Hollywood For Just Under $1.1 million


On 2009 october, Real Estalker and other sources reported that Kim Kardashian recently listed her 3 bedroom/2.5 bath 1,750 sq. ft. condo in West Hollywood for just under $1.1 million. We have since heard that she has reunited with her ex-boyfriend NFL star Reggie Bush and that they plan to purchase a home together.

As for the condo, looks like it was pretty generic and she tried really hard to spice it up:


Weird thing is, we found features we really LOVED and ones we really HATED in virtually every room! Like, we loved the gold-leaf ceiling in the dining room, but then the furniture (especially those chairs!) didn't seem to measure up.

We also loved the tufted headboard and bench, and the giant mirrored high boy and nightstands in the bedroom. But we couldn't figure out why she needed a mirrored wall behind the headboard. The pale colors reflected over and over again merely made the room look washed out.

We appreciate other personal touches like the wallpaper and black ceiling in the powder room, and we'd love to get our hands on that 4-panel Buddha-like wall-hanging in her living room.

she's having fun living on her own in L.A--for a least a little while longer. Her condo looks both stylish and regular at the same time.


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Kim Kardashian Condominium in West Hollywood For Just Under $1.1 million

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