Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki Still Being Probed..

Not that kind of probed. Caroline Wozniacki is being probed for gambling allegations that she retired from a match purposely.

At the Luxembourg Open Wozniacki was playing Anne Kremer a player who was from Luxemboug. Wozniacki who has been hampered by injuries the last month was in control of the match and cruising to an easy win. She had won the first set 7-5 and was up 3-0, but she was still struggling with her injuries. In the WTA on-court coaching is allowed in the smaller events. During the 3-0 change over her father came onto the court and talked to her in, and in Polish told her to retire. He knew that she wouldn't be able to play in the next round the very next day, and didn't want to jeopardize their chances at this weeks WTA Championships in Doha, Qatar. Wozniacki did not retire, but continued to play until the next changeover where she was up 5-0 and one game away from winning. At that time she decided to do what she thought was good sportsmanship and retire, and let the native girl from Luxembourg continue to the next round because she knew she wouldn't be able to play, so why not let her have a chance.

The whole gambling conspiracy comes that all of a sudden a bunch of money began to be placed on Anne Kremer in this match. Its kind of odd for a player getting handily beaten with basically no chance of winning barring a miracle would get so much money placed on them at this point of the match. Its just weird and seems awfully fishy. Reports are that when the Wozniacki's dad came down to talk her into retiring he was overheard by television microphones. Which probably was the main root of all the money being placed on Kremer. I believe that this is what happened.

So the probing continues and Wozniacki has a distraction at this weeks Championships. She will probably be cleared of any wrong-doing, and there will be no more investigations. Hell if Davydenko can get away with it, I cannot see how Wozniacki will be served with any type of penalty.

So get off this girls back. She was trying to do the "right" thing and let a player who is actually from Luxembourg take her place, because she could not play on in the tournament. It was a kind gesture that seemed to turn against her. I know this may be crazy, but lets look at how the gambling process goes. Who lets people bet on tennis after the match has started? Thats like saying I want to put money on the Yankees when they are up 10-3 with 2 outs in the 9th inning. How about this logical idea. ONCE A MATCH HAS STARTED NO MORE ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. That just might cut down on all these gambling and fixed matches conspiracy theories....It's just a thought.

And the curse of Verdasco's weiner continues.....

get well soon Caro.


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Caroline Wozniacki Still Being Probed..

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