Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best Megan Fox Makeup 2009


As a most sexy celebrity, Megan Fox has been turning heads not only for her talent, but her fabulous hair that gracefully frame her face. Recently, she has let her chin-length bob haircut grow long enough to just graze her shoulders. Of all of the raven-haired beauties in Hollywood, both Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie have proven that dark hair can be glamorous and sexy.

megan-fox-hairdo.jpg megan-fox-hairstyles-9-08-2.jpg

Fans have watched the evolution of Megan’s style through a variety of hair colors and style, but wearing her dark hair in a softer, longer style seems to suit her best. For all-out sex appeal, Megan Fox is an absolute knockout wearing soft, cascading sexy waves. A good example of how Megan Fox wows her fans was seen in her appearance at the Kids’ Choice award ceremony where her dark, flowing locks were styled in a way that combined glamour with a lighthearted feel that was perfect for this event.

megan-fox-haircut.jpg [Megan+Fox+Hairstyle.jpg] hairstyle-pictures-megan-fox-hairstyles-1.jpg

Megan Fox hair whether the casual ponytail or the red carpet back bun accent her facial features wonderfully. She’s blessed with an oval-shaped face, which gives her a lot of styling freedom: she can wear sexy, edgy haircuts and as a result she has become one of today’s leading trend setting celebrities.


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Best Megan Fox Makeup 2009

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