Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why is Katrina Kaif different from others?

What is the one factor that differentiates Katrina Kaif from the rest of the brigade? Well if we go according to insiders, then it is the fact that the actress can carry off any outfit with as much panache as no one has ever done so before in bollywood.

Even though if there were a size zero grouping to be done Katrina would never have made it to the top ten names, but yet when it comes to fashion garments line to be adorned by celebrites then the first one to come to mind is just the young lady named Katrina Kaif.

Recent inputs from across the country were taken on a random basis where certain common people on the streets were asked who according to them looked best in short dresses and amazingly each one had the name of this cute actress first on their lips. Now, with so much of acceptance and unconditional support this young damsel has the most wonderful road to success in her chosen profession.

Yet, there have been a few days of lows for this lucky girl too. As she was under complete bed rest for the past few weeks due to her operation, she was not seen much. But according to reports she is feeling considerably better and so now she will be spending her New Year in London with her family.

Well, we do wish her a very quick recovery and a happy New Year too.


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Why is Katrina Kaif different from others?

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