Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katrina Kaif's Xmas in London

Christmas is round the corner and New Year is not far. It’s the time of the year that Katrina Kaif looks forward to with bated breath. For it’s during Xmas and New Year’s Eve that she bonds with her siblings in London.

It’s reunion time for the Kaifs, and Katrina, despite still being in pain from her recent surgery, has left for London, we hear.

Kat is particularly excited about playing with her sister’s little kid.

“I just want to be with my sister’s little boy, take him to the toy stores in London and buy him everything he wants,” she is quoted as saying by a tabloid.

Katrina isn’t also very worried about her health for there is a doctor friend in London who will look after her. Moreover, the stunner believes that being close to the people she loves will help her heal faster.

However, Katrina won’t be able to be with Salman Khan on his coming birthday on December 27. That should hardly make a difference because Salman is known to celebrate his B-day and New Year with his brothers and family


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Katrina Kaif's Xmas in London

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