Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dina Meyer

dina meyer

A few entries back I did Ashley Scott in "Birds of Prey".
Well here is Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, Oracle) from the same series, Dina Meyer.
I've liked her ever since I saw her in Starship Troopers as Pvt. "Dizzy" Flores.

Besides Birds of Prey and Satrship Troopers she has appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210, Friends, Ally McBeal, Six Feet Under, Johnny Mnemonic, Saw (1-4), and she will appear in the upcoming film "Piranha 3-D".
Now just the title alone sounds cheesy, but look at the cast.....Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O'Connell, Eli Roth and....Richard Dreyfuss?
It looks like a solid B-movie to say the least.

Birds of Prey

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Dina Meyer

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